1. Ujjain municipality was established in 1886. The script of the writing period of the institution was MODEE and the MARATHI language was valid.

2. In 1912 Ujjain municipality was declared as the first class equivalent to the Gwalior municipality and the town boundary was increased.

3. In September 1924, the names of the members were nominated in which the President of the People's Republic was Mr. Sohrab ji .

4. The election of members by election method began from 1930.

5. In 1951, the area of Ujjain municipality was 13.47 sq. Km and in 1952, the merger of Madhavnagar municipality was done in Ujjain municipality, in which, in 1954, Ujjain Municipality was given the status of a large municipality. At present, the area of the border of the municipal corporation Ujjain is 92.68 square kilometers.

6. The first election of the people's representatives in Ujjain Municipal Corporation was held in 1954 and second elections in 1958.

7. In 1965, Ujjain Major Nagarpalika was given the status of municipal corporation and in 1971 the status of Ujjain municipal corporation was granted.

8. The first council of the municipal corporation, Ujjain, 1971, the second council, the year 1979, the third council, the year 1994, the fourth council, 2000, the fifth council, 2005, the election of the sixth council, in the year 2010, the election of the seventh council was held in July 2015. The Council of the present people's representatives will remain effective from July 2015, and the term of the council will remain till 12.8.2020.

9. The population of Ujjain Municipal Corporation Area is 515215 as per to the 2011 Census.

10. Bherugarh, Shankarpur, Panvasa, Morukhedi, Hamukhedi, Hariyakhedi, Shakkarvasa, Goylalkhurd is added in the village corporation limits.

11. Ujjain municipal corporation is followed by the rules and regulations / orders made by the Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1956 and the rules made by the government and the prevalent practices are prescribed in the corporation.

12. The city of Ujjain divided into 54 different wards and has been divided into 5 zones with the administrative work system -
Zone-2, New Fire Brigade Complex, Agar Road,
Zone-3, Dudhtalai,
Zone-4,Maxi Road,
Zone-5 Nanakheda.

13. In view of the administrative cleaning work system, Ujjain municipal corporation area has been divided into seven cleaning wards -
(1). Jiwajiganj Ward
(2). Sarafa Ward
(3). Kartik Chowk Ward
(4). MaharajWada Ward
(5). Daulatganj
(6). Madhav Nagar Ward 1
(7). Madhav Nagar Ward 2

- UMC, Ujjain